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Name:Weyard - The Golden Sun Community
Posting Access:All Members

Welcome to [community profile] weyard, the Golden Sun community on Dreamwidth! Please check the community notes if you need to contact me or if you're just joining for the first time.


  1. Play nice. Trolls will be banned without question, unless you are extremely amusing. Note that my opinion of amusing is not the same as yours.

  2. Use the tags. Don't be afraid to request tags! Just leave me a comment or sent a message, and I'll get to it ASAP.

  3. SPOILERS GO UNDER A CUT. For Dark Dawn, spoiler means anything that wasn't in the first trailer shown. Basically, anything other than the existence of Tyrell, Matthew, and Karis is a spoiler. Talking about who is related is a spoiler. Talking about other party members is a spoiler. When in doubt, cut.

    • To make a cut:
      <cut text="Title of cut">
      Content goes here

  4. Please stay on topic. Use the intro post to introduce yourself if you have to, but don't make a new one.

  5. Please follow the guidelines for posting fic and art!

  6. ALL explicit content must be friendslocked to the community. No exceptions.

  7. Offensive or potentially triggering content must be placed under a cut and warned for.

  8. ALL media downloads of any kind (Except ROMs) must be locked.

  9. No posting of ROMs. Asking for it will get you a warning. Asking again nets a temporary ban. Posting ROMs bans you automatically.

  10. If posting/linking fanwork other than your own, make sure you get the artist's permission, if possible. Otherwise, be sure to credit and link to them. Content that is not yours without proper credit will be edited from the entry.

  11. All questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. can be fielded to your mod.


  • For fanfiction and fanart, please make sure to include at least the following:

    You may add to this, but please have at least these included included.

  • For fanart, the preview image may not exceed 300 by 300 pixels.

  • For icons, up to three (3) icons may be allowed for a preview.

Your mod is [personal profile] laronmi. Please don't be afraid to contact me if you need anything.

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adepts, agatio, alchemy, alex, dark dawn, djinn, elements, felix, garet, golden sun, golden sun: dark dawn, golden sun: the lost age, hama, isaac, ivan, jenna, kalay, karis, karst, kraden, lemuria, matthew, menardi, mia, mt. aleph, piers, saturos, sheba, sol sanctum, the elemental stars, the lost age, tolbi, tyrell, vale, weyard
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