22 July 2017 @ 05:29 pm
The mystery of ポピーチー has finally been solved! \O/ That's the Japanese name for Garoh. I was having a hell of a time finding its real world equivalent. Best I could find pronunciation wise was somewhere in Poland, but I wasn't happy with that, because it had to be somewhere in Australia.

Decided to try searching Twitter. Found someone referring to a place named ボピーチー in Australia. Tried Googling it. Google insisted on searching for the Golden Sun equivalent, but I insisted on searching on what I actually fucking meant to search for, discovered the English spelling of "Bopeechee" aaaand...

we got Bopeechee, Australia!

Damn, Camelot, you really threw me off there with the spelling. >_>

I can't edit the site at the moment (away from home) but I'll be sure to add the new information as soon as I can.

Also discovered the origin for Kaocho is wrong, and it's actually from somewhere else, so better fix that too.

Oh, and this is a Japanese blog post detailing real world locations in Golden Sun TBS & TLA (which is what helped me find the English spelling): http://boyandwing.blog87.fc2.com/blog-entry-118.html

Ah, and here's another one for Dark Dawn: http://boyandwing.blog87.fc2.com/blog-entry-119.html