17 September 2017 @ 05:09 pm
41 days of no alcohol and I feel... pretty good, I guess. Okay, yeah, mood is kinda all over the place but hey, it's nice to actually feel alive and not like a zombie. Not drinking is the best. \o/ Hopefully my creativity will return soon.

I haven't posted a new fanfic on my AO3 account since 2016. Damn. This has been a pretty unproductive year. I'd better do something about that. It would be sad to go the whole year without posting anything new, wouldn't it?

Hmm, I should work on that MPreg wtf27 fic, I guess. Yay for Felix x Piers \o/

There are Felix/Piers fanfics on Pixiv. Including one where Piers gets raped in the Madra jail. Yeah.

Uh. Anyway. I need to think of new stuff for TAOW too. Another Alex torture... I've been thinking of alternate universes or something... like a really bad high school AU? I wonder. Hmm. Something like the Alter Ego stuff, with flanderization turned up to 10? IDK...

Let's focus on fanfiction for now.

I'm gonna stay off the booze and hope I return to my creative self, because damn, do I miss being productive.

Also, I've been interested in Jenna/Sheba. Hmm... maybe I'll do that sometime...
10 September 2017 @ 03:19 pm
The itch to rewrite my old humour fanfiction is back. Hm. Honestly, it would make more sense to rewrite the serious stuff and not the humour stuff. Necromancer is so dumb, ugh. And so is Spooked. That first conversation doesn't even sound like a conversation with a ghost, jeez... ahem.

That Jerry Springer fic... honestly, I just want to set it on fire. It's a hot mess. That fanfic was written for the Humour theme in one of the GSR fanfic contests. Unsurprisingly, it sucks. Just like most of my GSR contest fics. Sigh.

I think the problem was, when I'm having to write with a specific theme in mind, it ends up becoming forced and unnatural. I have to actually think of something that fits within that theme and, well, forcing myself to write something doesn't come across well at all. I think that's why my NaNoWriMo stuff was so bad too.

I can't force myself to come up with fanfic ideas. It doesn't end well.

Anyway, at the very least, I'd rename "Jerry Springer". Hmm. What parts were worth salvaging... well, the part with Hama, Feizhi and Ivan was OK at least. Piers thing was dumb as heck. Even at that time, the Piers/Picard thing was so outdated, good grief. Okay, what was the whole point of the fanfic again? Um. Exposing secrets of the Adepts? Something like that. Yeah. >_>

Isaac/Mia and Alex parts are fine. Garet's bit isn't too bad. Could do with a little work. Piers bit needs to go because really, split personality disorder? Come on... I'll think of something less ableist. And less stupid. Come to think of it, I've got Felix in there with random ass mpreg and apparently being pregnant with Piers's child. Can just stick him in there so he's still in the fic.

... how did he get pregnant in the first place? *shrug* Who knows?

... what if it was revealed right at the end it was a fake baby bump. Yeah, just expose it for the sham it is. Whee. Have Piers acting all dramatic and shit, like it's literally their child that fell out right then and Felix is just like "give me a freaking break -.-"

Bonus chapter is meh and can go.